Sir Isaac Newton Outreach

Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form is excited to announce a new outreach offer to primary and secondary school students in Norfolk. 

We know how vitally important studying maths is to broaden the opportunities available to young people and are committed to creating a free and accessible programme. If you are a teacher and would like to be the first to hear about upcoming outreach opportunities, please sign up for our mailing list via the link below.

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Our goal is to inspire and develop the next generation of mathematicians and scientists. Our outreach programme is a key part of this vision. Through the outreach programme, we are aiming to inspire and support students to have the desire and academic potential to pursue maths and science subjects at A level and beyond.

“We are really excited to be developing our outreach programme. Schools have been really supportive of the courses and events we are offering and we hope they are helping increase students’ love and enjoyment of these subjects”. 

Chris Jennings, Principal - Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form

Further details on our programme, resources and our Outreach Team can also be found on our Outreach Website.

What is Outreach?

Outreach is offering opportunities to the wider community giving them the chance to explore their interest in the subject and ignite a spark to encourage them to explore these opportunities further.

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to provide students in Norfolk with free opportunities to explore the study of Maths and Science subjects. These subjects are vital to the future of our country and it is important that we have students exploring and being enthusiastic about working in these fields. 

These programmes are available to students of all age ranges. It is widely recognised that students can be put off engaging in maths and science as early as primary school, this is particularly true for girls. This is why one of our key objectives is actively working with primary schools in Norfolk to provide them with opportunities which they can engage with.

Who will benefit?

Taking part in our programmes will be of benefit to all schools, students and parents in Norfolk. Allowing students to take part in enriching maths lessons and sessions will both help ignite their interest and ensure the students are given an opportunity to study maths beyond the standard curriculum by expert teachers.

Who is the programme for?

Our desire is to see students from Norfolk leading the way and shaping our country's future. To ensure this is possible all of our opportunities will be free to attend. Our range of programmes is suitable for either schools, students or parents to sign up to, it depends on each programme.  

Although we have already begun developing our exciting programmes, we will continue to improve the offer available to students. Please continue to watch this space to see how our outreach develops.

Coming Soon

Please check here for further updates, or alternatively, If you'd like to be kept informed about these programmes and events you can sign up for our outreach mailing list.