Georgia Guy

Principal, Great Yarmouth Primary Academy

Georgia GuyGeorgia Guy

I was born, raised and educated in Norfolk. During my childhood I learnt first hand the impact of both positive and negative schooling. I witnessed some of my closest friends fall behind because education and the wider provisions let them down. Due to this I have a personal attachment to the importance of education, I passionately believe that we have a duty to provide the best possible well-rounded education to all pupils. 

I have worked in multiple roles in both primary and secondary settings. From a classroom teacher, Head of Faculty to Principal. I have been Vice Principal in a leadership team who transformed a school from inadequate to good with outstanding leadership. I have also taken on wider responsibilites of a governor in a local school and the lead educator in the Norfolk area for the culture and behaviour NPQ. 

The bedrock to school success is a strong, structured and well-understood culture. At Great Yarmouth Primary Academy, we pride ourselves in our culture. Our pupils learn our culture through the GYPA Way. The GYPA Way is a set of tools that can be used both inside and outside of school. Ofsted described these tools as ‘a set of aspirational expectations’. Pupils understand the importance of the tools and explain that ‘it helps them to achieve more’ Ofsted 2021. This consistency toward pupil conduct promotes a sense of pride and belonging across the school. 

I believe that coupling a strong culture with a well delivered knowledge rich curriculum has the power to transform lives. It gives pupils the opportunity to flourish in a respectful and inspiring environment. It provides children the tools and knowledge to be successful in their lives.